Mental Health and Hypnosis Therapy


Hypnotherapy or hypnosis aims at achieving a heightened awareness state through the use of various techniques including intense concentration and improved or focused attention. As well, it utilizes assisted or guided relaxation.  Sometimes the therapy is referred to as a trance. During the therapy sessions, the individual is usually unaware of things happening in the environment as a result of the focused attention. The therapist assists the person to only focus on self and ignore everything else. The therapy is very helpful especially dung counseling since it helps patents or clients to explore and bring out thoughts as well as feelings that are too painful for them to express. At the same time, the therapy allows individuals to have different perceptions of things; for instance the hiding or blocking of awareness pain. There are various ways in which the therapy can be applied.  Learn more about hypnosis therapy here.

One is suggestion therapy. Here the state allows and enables the patent or client to be in a position to respond to various suggestions. It thus aids in changing the behavior of individuals from bad to desirable.  For instance, it can assist individuals to stop smoking, drinking and other habits such as nail-biting. Additionally, it treats and alleviates pain since people can easily change perceptions as well as sensations in the hypnotic state.  Also, it can be applied in the analysis. In this approach, it is possible and easier to explore root causes of various issues, symptoms or disorders.  It is especially beneficial in bringing out things individuals have been hiding in their unconscious memory. In the end, when trauma is brought out to the open, issues and problems can be discussed and addressed during psychotherapy or counseling sessions.  The therapy is thus helpful for improving the mental health of individuals. Visit website here!

You may have heard of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This technique is unique since the individual uses visualization. This state is only possible just before one falls asleep or just before waking up. The subconscious can easily identify and bring out the physical problems, and issues can detect within a client’s body.  This then assists the therapist to explain the causes of the problems. Then the subconscious is consulted on whether the time s appropriate for healing. In case the time is suitable or appropriate, healing is initiated instantaneously and does not involve any medication or surgery. The technique works by the simple principle that understanding that the cause of a disease or problem is sufficient for the subconscious to relieve it. Learn more about hypnosis at


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